5 Crucial Features of Every Ecommerce Shipping Software

5 Crucial Features of Every Ecommerce Shipping Software

Here are some of the most important features for ecommerce shipping software solutions that your customers will definitely appreciate!

ECommerce consists of lots of components, features, and elements, however, have you ever asked yourself – which one is the most important one? Well, there is no clear or right answer to this question, however, we can say that shipping is a really important component of the online buying process and it is probably one of the major elements to succeed in the online world.

As main factors that motivate and encourage shoppers to make a repeat purchase are also related to shipping. For example, the cost of free shipping, delivery times and their flexibility, return options, the speed of shipments, the possibility to track shipped items, updates during the shipping process, and etc.

From this, we can conclude that the importance of shipping for ecommerce is enormous. The demand for shipping services is also big, meaning starting a business in this area is not a bad idea at all.

When it comes to ecommerce shipping software solutions, there are a few very important features you need to keep in mind. Here are 5 crucial features of every ecommerce shipping software:

  1. High usability level – You should be able to provide a high-quality and user-friendly interface with a smart design that is specially designed to save sellers time by managing and handling the shipments, regardless of the stage they are at.
  2. Carrier partnerships matter – Another very important thing you need to take care of are the carriers. Your users need to be able to choose their favorite carrier and they should be the ones who will decide which one is the best for their business. They also need to be able to sign up for a new account right from within the main interface or use their current one by entering the details required.
  3. Automation of shipping tasks – A must-have feature for all shipping services is the option for your users to simplify and automate any shipping task they need at the moment. Depending on where the item needs to be shipped and delivered, the customer might want to modify the shipping settings.
  4. Instant package tracking – Everyone wants to track where the item is at the moment, so you need to be able to provide your customers with such an option.
  5. Integration with shopping platforms – The more ecommerce platforms the shipping software solution is integrated with, the more potential clients you will have. As simple as that!

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