The Upsides to Implementing the Best Shipping Software on Your E-commerce Business


A few years ago, automation of business processes wasn’t an everyday thing. However, with rapid advances in technology, almost every business, regardless of the industry, has embraced it. The shipping industry also embraced automation to streamline various aspects of the shipping process that increased labor costs, carrier costs and delivery time. Here is an expanded outline of the upsides to implementing e-commerce shipping software on your business:

E-commerce shipping software is cost-effective

Despite the innovation of shipping software, most shipping companies still depend on traditional methods for their order fulfillment. In essence, they still depend on 3rd party logistics companies or experts to manage their shipping processes. This takes up a big chunk of their budget as hiring these agencies or experts is expensive, not to mention that it’s a recurring expenditure. On the other hand, shipping software can be used by any business regardless of the size because it’s easy to use, its low cost and guarantees results.

E-commerce shipping software comes with minimal to no error

The software is designed to offer 99.9% accuracy, so it minimizes errors witnessed when the shipping process is handled by humans. Humans are too prone to errors.

E-commerce shipping software ensures complete control of the shipping process

The majority of carriers or shipping companies have reported lack of communication when they solicit the services of a third party logistics company to take care of their shipping logistics. Because shipping software is managed in a central location, as well as through mobile devices, the logistics are fully controlled by the shipping company, effectively eliminating the problem of lack of communication.

E-commerce shipping software boosts delivery time

Delivery time is one of the variables that has haunted the shipping industry for many years. Products could be dispatch at the right time, but reaching the customer could go past the delivery date. The problem was there were no systems to track the products in the course of shipping. However, with e-commerce shipping software, shipment can be tracked, in real-time, from dispatch to delivery. If anything happens along the way, the issue is arrested and corrected in time to enable the order reach the customer in time. This has greatly minimized customer complaints and helped commerce businesses boost their reputations.

E-commerce shipping software maintains records

This software can keep records of all the shipping processes. Essentially, the shipping software can manage, dispatch, distribute, check out warehouses, transportation details, manage inventory and track expenses and offer a customer-friendly service.

E-commerce shipping software is easy to operate

The developers of e-commerce shipping software are well aware that not everyone is savvy enough to handle the sophisticated software. That’s why they have made the software user-friendly to enable just about anyone to handle them. Ideally, an average computer user will need a lesson or two to get the hang of the software. Another upside to shipping software is that it integrates with almost all the shipping processes on your e-commerce website, so you won’t spend a lot of time customizing it to your business needs and goals.



Now, with this comprehensive rundown, you can see why implementing e-commerce shipping software over 3rd party logistics company can be beneficial. For any e-commerce business to make it to the top in this day and age, it must utilize smart technologies to streamline processes and enhance customer experience. The most important asset in any business is the customer. If the customer is happy with your shipping processes, then your business will grow exponentially. The opposite is true. So ensure to implement shipping software when looking to start an e-commerce business.

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